TV Interviews

Junjie Zhang discusses China's wind power technology
June 13, 2017, CGTN America


Mitigating climate threat to China's food security
July 28, 2017, China Daily

Will China Take the Lead on Climate Change?
November 21, 2016, ChinaFile

Is China Doing Enough for the Environment?
March 11, 2016, ChinaFile

What Would New Breakthroughs on Climate Change Mean for the U.S.-China Relationship?
September 16, 2015, ChinaFile

Why the US and China Should Focus on Air Pollution to Tackle Climate Change
March 6, 2014, Asia Society

Are the US and China Finally Getting Serious About Climate Change?
September 12, 2013, CNN Global Public Square/Asia Society/ChinaFile

How Will China's New Leaders Approach Rising Tide of Environmental Protests?
November 9, 2012, Asia Society

New Report Shows Climate Change Actually a 'Regressive Tax' On World's Poor
September 25, 2012, Asia Society

Averting China's Fishing Wars
May, 2012, Asia Society

Interviews and Quotes

Will China’s carbon trading scheme work without an emissions cap?
January 3, 2018, South China Morning Post

New Carbon Trading Market Unlikely to Overhaul China’s Energy Mix
December 21, 2017, Sputnik International

China’s sweeping crackdown against pollution
September 2, 2017, South China Morning Post

China Is Preparing to Launch the World’s Biggest Carbon Market
August 14, 2017, Scientific American

Brown goes to China, calls it the world's 'hope' on climate
June 5, 2017, E&E News

Huge setback for global efforts against climate change as U.S. quits Paris Agreement
June 2, 2017, Xinhua

China builds world's biggest solar farm in journey to become green superpower
January 19, 2017, The Guardian

Trump urged to make America great again by embracing green tech
January 18, 2017, The Guardian

Lack of data, openness could obstruct soil clean up
June 14, 2016, China Dialogue

Air Pollution Is China's Biggest Energy Issue
April 19, 2016, Edmonton Journal

Duke Kunshan to Offer New Professional Degree in Environmental Policy
January 26, 2016, Duke University News

Help China eliminate one day of heavy air pollution per year
January 7, 2016, This Week @ UC San Diego

What to expect from the Xi Jinping State Visit?
September 21, 2015, 21st Century China Program

Is China Underfunding Its ‘War on Pollution’?
March 17, 2014, China Dialogue

Television Interview on Air Pollution in Beijing
February 21, 2014, Channel NewsAsia

The Economics of Environmental Protection in China
February 14 - 15, 2014, The National Bureau of Economic Research

Why Economic Growth Could Be The Solution To China's Pollution
January 2, 2014, Forbes

21st Century China: The Bridge Between Academia and Policy
December 19, 2013 , IR/PS News

Record Breaking Pollution and Cancer Villages Plague China's Industrial Success
March 19, 2013,The International

Is Environmentally Sustainable Economic Growth Possible in China?
January 10, 2013, The Diplomat

Global Asia
April-June, 2012, Development Asia

Racing for Renewables
Spring, 2012, Bren News