ENVIRON 805K Environmental Economics

This course provides an overview of environmental economics by introducing analytical methods and tools to analyze environmental problems and identify policy solutions. The first part of the course provides a microeconomic foundation of environmental economics, with a focus on market efficiency and market failures. The second part introduces environmental policy decision tools such as benefit-cost analysis and cost-effectiveness criterion. In particular, this part focuses on benefits estimation including revealed preference approaches and stated preference approaches. The third part discusses environmental regulation, with topics covering command-and-control regulation, market-based approaches, and behavioral interventions. The challenges of applying economic instruments to real world environmental problems will be also discussed, such as time and space, risk and uncertainty, compliance and enforcement, etc. This course is expected to stimulate critical thinking about environmental challenges and policy solutions.

ENVIRON 561K Chinese Environmental Policy

This course provides a venue for students to investigate the most recent environmental and energy policies in China. We will study the causes and consequences of environmental and energy problems. We will examine Chinese environmental and energy governance: institutions, laws and regulations for environmental protection, energy production and consumption. We will also explore the practices of Chinese government to address the emerging environmental and energy problems, with a special focus on climate change. Students will gain proficiency in selecting appropriate scientific/policy/media articles for a particular topic, analyzing the contents of these articles, presenting the basics of these articles in written and oral form, and leading discussions on the merits and faults of the articles.

Courses Taught at UCSD

ECON 267: Data and Methods (Economics PhD)

ECON 267: Natural Resource Economics (Economics PhD)

IRGN 453: Sustainable Development

IRGN 458: International Environmental Policy and Politics

IRGN 467: Chinese Environmental and Energy Policy

IRGN 414: Economics of Energy Policy

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